Wikia, the wiki capital.

Competitor Wikis are Wikis that are stupid, and much less reliable than this one. To avoid all bad wikis it is a good idea to ask Your Glorious and Powerful Dictator which ones are safe.


Wikipedia is one of the main competitor wikis. It supposedly has everything to know about everything, even though that's impossible because we haven't discovered everything yet. It is actually very unreliable, biased and stupid, however. It is biased towards that guy and that false TheoryJoseph Stalin second-handedly started it as an way to spread his evil version of good ol' Communism, but has now become a heinous wasteland full of Justin Bieber fangirl pages and spam.

The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki (BHSW)Edit

The Biased Hypocritical Segregation Wiki (BHSW) is a stuck up, boastful competitor wiki that thinks it's so great because the founder is older than Fishfam. It also thinks that just because it has bigger pages, it is better than this Wiki. (We here are smart enough to know that's not true, as our pages are always expanding.) Barack Obama started the BHSW through Rio The Terrible as part of Stalin's evil plot for world domination.

The AJRAWLEY5700 WikiEdit

The AJRAWLEY5700 Wiki is a spam wiki with only 13 pages. They say they're trying to put an end to Fishfam's reign of tyranny, but we all know Fishfam is too strong to stop, so that's why we're all on his side. It was started by Sergey Brin, who hacked some random guy named AJRAWLEY5700's account. The wiki itself is a grammatical wasteland full of spam. (Though it's not full of Justin Bieber fangirl pages, which is good.)