The Doctor.

Doctor Who is a TV show that is about a Hindu alien thing that tries to help random people. Not even the most devoted fans (Or Whovians, as they call themselves) know his name, (We know it's really Kevin) which means they really aren't that devoted. The name itself is a grammatical error, as it should be "Doctor Whom" instead of "Doctor Who".

The Doctor

The Doctor is an Alien "Time Lord" who travels through time and space using a sentient blue 1963 London Police Box. He somehow changes what he looks like every time he dies, and then comes back as a different guy, who's the same guy, but not really the same guy, because he got plastic surgery. He fights Daleks, who look like salt shakers who zap "inferior life forms" (AKA Humans) with toilet plungers, all the while shouting "EX-TERM-IN-ATE".

The Daleks


Daleks are the aforementioned toilet-plunger utilizing, human-exterminating salt shakers of doom. Of course, their cause is really just, as they only want to destroy the bad humans, like Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Enrique Peña Nieto, Justin Timberlake and Sergey Brin. We commend you, Daleks. Carry on exterminating. They joined with the Terminator to start Terminex Extermination, Inc..

Connection to Hinduism

Doctor Who is much like Hinduism. For instance, every time the Doctor dies, he "regenerates" (AKA reincarnates) into another form of himself. Reincarnation is a major aspect of Hinduism. The Doctor must be REALLY lucky, because he always reincarnates into himself instead of a grasshopper or a tick. Then again, he's never good enough to reincarnate out of himself into a real actual human.