Gandalf is a wizard in JRR Tolkiens, The Hobbit, and his sequel, The Lord Of The Rings. He is potrayed by Ian Mckellen in Peter Jackson's remakes of the films. Gandalf is pretty cool, but has a lot of issues. His powers are extremly stupid, but fun to watch on TV. He can do the following:
  • Make rocks break.
  • Knock people over
  • Smoke and drink ale till he feels sick
  • Scream at giant lizards telling them not to pass
  • Catch his fingers on fire

In the movie he dies by falling of a bridge made by midgets with beards, but he somehow comes back as "Gandalf The White" in which his only power is to make his staff into a giant flashlight to shine at scary looking birds with black ghosts riding on them. Strangely, he thinks you will never pass a test either.