Zombies dancing in Michael Jackson's video.

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Zombies are mindless creatures that live without life. They come in all shapes and sizes, but every single zombie has no brain, no matter what kind they are. They are very well known for their appearance in Michael Jackson's music video for "Thriller". Several members on this wiki are thought to be zombies, but of course all such suspicions have been proven stupid. 

Types Of ZombiesEdit

  1. The Typical Zombie: The Typical Zombie just limps around trying to eat other peoples' brains. Most of the time, he's portrayed as a guy with a terrible skin condition and ripped clothes. These zombies are suspected to take over the world one day, but that probably won't happen. Most of the time when someone refers to a zombie, they mean a Typical Zombie. They often infect movie theaters in South Carolina Denver, Colorado.
  2. The Google Glass Zombie: The Google Glass Zombie is a zombie who owns Google Glass, and wears it all the time. He has no brain, and usually doesn't know how to talk, unless it's to his glasses.
  3. The Facebook Zombie: The Facebook Zombie is the zombie who goes on Facebook too much. He's very similar to the Minecraft Zombie. He wastes his life on Facebook, and expects people to poke him back when he pokes them in real life.
  4. The Minecraft Zombie: The Minecraft Zombie is the zombie who plays Minecraft too much, but can never admit to being addicted to it. Since he has no brain, he expects everyone to just start talking with him about Minecraft. If you ever encounter one, which you will, make you sure you don't start talking to him about Minecraft, cause he might make you a Minecraft Zombie too.
  5. The Anime Zombie: The Anime Zombie is the kind of Zombie that likes to watch Anime. Most Anime Zombies are girls, but there is the occasional boy Anime Zombie. Anime Zombies usually have no brain before they become a Zombie. In some severe cases, Anime Zombies will dress up as Anime characters. Anime Zombies, like other zombies, try to infect their friends. You can usually avoid becoming an Anime Zombie by having a brain.